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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Painful Night Without You

I touch you as I feel your head brushing your hair from your face
Gathering the emotions building inside of me
One thought of commitment one thought of faith
How much I love you how much I feel your pain

All the memories of our short togetherness
Lingers in my mind as I feel warmth inside
I kiss your forehead trying to make myself strong
For what a difficult time it seemed

After the brief pleasure of being with you all the time
I feel so lost to loose you right now

These were my thought what I had that time
How I had thought it would be so wrong
How it seems to be so right after all
Better as I am after the horror of my dreams

Thinking if I really had to leave u
Did I really have to make that sacrifice?
Stepping on my emotions
Choosing loneliness after all that happiness..

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