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Monday, September 14, 2009

ThrOuGh YouR eYes...

I view the world through your eyes
I can see your tears that flow & drained
You think i will not understand
In your heart the sadness and pains

My heart beats link with your heart
It bleeds and shrink by your touch
It shines with glory when you smile
It cries and dies by your doubt

My life revolves around your thought
It exists in the form of your dreams
It lives by your breathing
It can hear your silent screams

My ears deafened by your unspoken words
My veins danced each time you feel
My kisses are the remedy of your wounds
My survival protects you like a shield

Don't neglect me but embrace me tight
Give me a place in your dark cold
Held my hand and walk to the light
Give me a chance to make you whole

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