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Monday, September 21, 2009

LoViNg YoU bLiNdLy...

Painful anger pricks my mind
Plunging me in these sorrows
Walking away leaving me behind
Like there will be no tomorrow

Wild tension and Depression
Leads me to this frustration
Frying myself in this sensation
Tearing me apart by this aggression

Dying for a calm peaceful sleep
Without a thought running deep
Lonely heart drenched in regrets
Let me rest, this is what I beg

Twisting and turning in my dream
Extracting my memories unwillingly
Resisting the disturbance bestowed
Repeating this nightmare brutally

Shutting my eyes escaping all
Fearing that you’d let me fall
Loving you blindly, losing my mind
My world’s spinning, I’m turning blind

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