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Saturday, September 19, 2009

ust Being Me!

Everything started with a tease..
You and I suddenly make a difference
Our hearts are being tested,
Minds were conquered.

We broke the rules of morality
Continued to love each other though in a wrong way
We believed in what we feel.
And been praying to make it real.

But the reality bothers everybody.
for our vows reminded us the loyalty
We have partners, so this is not meant to be
Should I let you go or just be me?

So hard to decide for everyone
For my heart wanted to keep you for a long time.
Yet fate continues to test me
Now you're so far away.

Why God sent you to me?
And let me love you intensively.
Is this a curse or a blessing to be?
I love you and I'm just being me.

We build our world together
Wishing that it would last forever
We tend not to be awaken
Yet the situation threatens

Too many things to consider
So complictaed which made me wonder
It seems impossible for us to be with each other
But I'm just being me and that includes to love you forever!!

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