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Monday, September 14, 2009

NoWheRe To Go...

Tears rush down burning my cheeks
Opened my mouth but hard to speak
Taking a deep breathe to talk in vain
No tears but howl as i cry again

Approaching the death as i bleed
Slitting the scar as nobody needs
Trembling in fear wanting to hide
Chased by the nightmares escaped i tried

Eager to end this treacherous pain
Free up my soul like pouring rain
Why do my heart still freeze like ice ?
Struggling to make it beat again

I’m your present don’t make me your past
Getting your hint, understood at last
Broken apart tough to put me back
Gave you everything what else i lack ?

Is there a view i fail to see ?
Or refusing to grow be what i be
The air i breathe suffocates me tight
Only you can rescue from this terrible plight

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