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Monday, September 7, 2009

God made me just to be Unhappy ?

Hearing words piercing my heart
Expressing abyssal pain
Sharing fearful inner thoughts
Broken spirit still remains

Soft whispers became icy arrows
Puncturing a delicate target
My drawn lips, tightened bow
Projectile voice, tipped with regret

Placed upon a pedestal
Spitting accusations of wrong
Scorning you for my past
By my side, is where you belong

Toxic words more damaging
Than a physical strike
Killing loving life essence
Faster than the third reich

Splintering what we've built
Slicing beauty to the core
Filled with heavy sorrow
Hope to repair what I tore

Crystal heart has been shattered
By your testimate of pain
Love from a magenta gem
Attempting to maintain ..

~ The smiles now have faded, as has the sun; A lifetime without you has now just begun :) ~

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