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Thursday, October 30, 2008

I am Running Away From My Life

I hate this feeling of displacement,
Not knowing where I'm headed.
Not knowing how to react.
Heading to a place that I have created.

Slice open,
The pain held inside.
And let it slip away.
Every night that I have cried.

Let the blood drop,
Let it all slip away.
Let life slowly stop,
This life of disarray.

Foot steps...their coming,
Cover the blood,
Don't show what you are becoming.
Don't show the crimson flood.

Place on that mask,
That mask of happiness.
Forced smile...always a task.
My veins now becoming bloodless.

In they walk,
The blood still dripping.
Full of empty talk,
I can feel my life slipping.

Never did I want to die,
I just wanted to feel,
And then asked why?
To stop feeling numb would have been ideal.

But now as I slip away,
I can see things were never right.
A fake life was on display.
To the skies I am taking flight.

Why won't this life let me go,
Take me away from my life of hell..

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