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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Dont Cry At My Funeral

I'm going far away, to another place,
People are gloomy,
They bring flowers to adorn my grave,
All of their faces clammy,
With tears and perspiration,
Dressed in white,

I look from above and feel immensely sad.
How can my people do this to me?
How can they spoil my happiest moment?
I wonder indignantly,

I wanna run through the door,
And meet all the people I wanted to meet
All the people I was always fascinated with,
I wanna ask them about their thoughts and ideas,
How they feel about their life, after death..

Skate on the rings of Saturn,
Sink in deep oceans, never to return,

I wanna look over my near and dear,
Observe who really mourned me,
And who rejoiced my eternal sleep,
I wanna cry over others' pain,
Without being irritated by worried eyes,

I am moving to another world,
Much bigger than this one,
Much more beautiful and ..

One Last Thought, One Last Motion,One Last Heart Beat,I Breath One Last Breath My Eyes Are Closed as I leave With Death ..

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